Follow Your Passion

This page is a series of posts about people who really embrace their own authenticity in their career or in other facets of their lives. My goal is to share their stories and hopefully inspire others to spend more time doing work they love. I think our world could be an amazing place if more people spent time listening to their own voice about what they wanted to do in life.


My story about leaving a career in commercial real estate to pursue my passion for leadership, team and culture development work.

A Food Love Story

My good friend Nikki Moore’s story about leaving a career in college development to pursue her love of food.

Runnin Free with Devon Sibole

My good friend Devon’s story about leaving a media planning company to pursue a career in Outdoor PR.

Full Expression with Clary Hilliard Gray

My good friend Clary’s story of leaving the corporate world to start her own fitness method for women.

Sharing her Passion with the Market

Lynn Caldwell from Atherton Mill Market shares how she identified her path to create a food market movement in Charlotte.

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