The Human Spirit at Work

by jon on April 21, 2013

I received an incredible email this past week that showed me the power of the human spirit. I have been doing some work at a local high school to help student leaders create change and bring unity to the student body. Below is an email I got from one of them about the actions she is taking to cause this to happen.  Sometimes it just takes intentional actions like this to create a ripple effect of compassion. I was completely blown away by #2 and names are changed to keep their information confidential.

1) I want to give a compliment to someone everyday, because its important for a person to feel great about themselves so that they are able to have a positive mind throughout the day! It builds someones confidence and its just a caring detail!

2) My second goal is to call Sammie! He is someone that I have reached out to because I felt that he had no friends! He is blind and I felt that he is missing out on having a friendship in high school! He may have people around him sometimes but I want to be a person that he can call a friend and connect with! I have been so busy that I have not had the chance to contact him! 

Absolutely amazing.  Have a great week.

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