Writing my own core values

by jon on April 1, 2013

So what matters most to me? Well during my recent personal retreat back in January, I came up with my own core values. I wanted to have something that guided my everyday actions similar to how organizations identify their own values.

1. Be guided by purpose

I defined my purpose as to help people embrace and expand their best and most authentic self. It helps me connect to something larger than myself. It gets me back on track when my ego or that “need to be right” feeling creeps in.

2. Love, sense and serve

This is one of the most important values. When it comes down to it for me, coming from a place of love is all I really need to do. And what I mean by sensing is pausing to really listen to what people tell me they need. Not what I think they need. And then be of service. Both to people and to my community.

3. Be a well-being 

Taking care of myself physically and mentally with exercise and nutrition is so important. My grandfather really inspired me when I watched him live such a healthy, full life. Being healthy allows me to be better for others. This also means resting and taking plenty of time to re-charge when I need to. It means being careful about over-scheduling myself and being ok saying “no.” And it means taking time to write, do things that re-create me or relax and do nothing.

4. Be the message

I know the impact I want to make will really be a reflection of my actions. Am I living in a way that everything and everyone matters? Are my actions aligning with my word? What are the messages people get from the way I live my life?

5. Learn and live in abundance

I sure know I will never have it all figured out. This is why I love reading and learning new things. And learning more about myself everyday and uncovering new blind spots. This also means living with the idea that I have everything I need. When time and resources feel scarce to me, I don’t appreciate what I have and can have the mentality of “if I only had this…” I really have everything I need both with my talents and resources. And to be abundance with them.

6. Bring full self to every moment

This means being real, authentic, passionate and just appreciating who I am. I know I am an unusual cat, but I embrace that. I may have some pretty questionable dance moves at times, but I will still carve up the dance floor. And most importantly, I won’t let moods guide my behavior. Most of the time I am not dying to go for a run at 6am on a cold morning. But when I am done, I feel incredible.

7. Take it slow and be present

This reminds me that sometimes I just need to slow down not be in such a rush. And be comfortable letting things unfold instead of forcing them or being too eager. And sometimes I can be impatient with things like my career growth, etc. So this reminds me to focus on enjoying the small moments and the journey. And to be “all-in” when I do something and not side-tracked with distractions. Which is why I am meditating more so I can practice presence and focus. What is counterintuitive is that slowing down and being present is what allows me to go fast and be more productive.

8. Everything and everyone matters

I never want people to feel “less than” because of how I act. Each person I work with and come into contact with really matters. My environment and the nature around me matters. How I take care of my condo matters. Sometime it is the little details that make the biggest difference for me.

9. Be fun and versatile

I love having some fun and making people laugh. Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes even before I start to tell them. And this reminds me that life really isn’t that serious. It is serious and it is not. And versatile means to be flexible and not have any rules that may limit my ability to enjoy life. And the versatility to have different skills/gears to serve what the situation needs.

Hope you enjoyed them. I actually let this sit for a couple months to see if they really covered every idea that was important to me. I tried to focus on 5-7 but ended up adding a few of them recently to fill in some gaps. I sure had a lot of fun writing and reflecting on these. Now you just have to keep me accountable to them :).

So what are your most important values? I would love to hear from you. Happy Easter to you and your family.


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