Why am I in such a rush?

by jon on March 17, 2013

My neighbor was outside near my patio and wanted to say hello. However, I could hardly say hello and definitely didn’t have time to chat. I was in a hurry again heading to the airport. And I felt terrible as a drove away having rushed off when a friend just wanted to catch up for a few minutes.

Later that night I was at an amazing dinner in Arizona at this place called Different Pointe of View that overlooked the mountains.


And probably still in a pattern of hurrying. As soon as we got our salads, I was almost ready for the entrees. Until a co-worker said lets slow down and just enjoy this meal. It was just what I needed. The chance to pause, really slow down and experience dinner. We were there for four hours and had an incredible time.

A few days later, we took a three hour hike up the mountains. We had some tunes going and just had a blast. The three hour hike felt like a whole day.



It was like my 25th hour idea all over again. If only I could keep reminding myself :).

As much as I strive to be present and create more space, I can still fall into this pattern of rushing and hurrying sometimes. So I have started to think about…what am I in such a hurry for? I sure don’t want to miss life. I read this quote from the Dalai Lama recently that sums it all up.



So this week I invite you to experience what you are doing more and take it slow. It made a difference for me and hopefully my neighbor will notice next time.

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