Playing in a Big Game

by jon on October 4, 2012

A great friend of mine sent me the card below with one of my favorite quotes.

I have been thinking about this quote a lot tonight. Because sometimes you and I never know who that one person is who thinks we are the world. It reminded me especially of my little brother and how much his relationship means to me. And my parents and older brother and rest of my family. And of course Brooks!

So what if we treated every person we met like we could mean the world to them? In every conversation and in every interaction. Most importantly with your loved ones but also with your waiter, your cashier at the grocery store, the guy next to you at the post office, the person who passes you walking your dog, the passenger next to you on an airplane. The list could go on and on. It sure isn’t easy taking this into every interaction and conversation. It takes true intentionality in each moment.

This is a really big game. To look at each person you come in contact with as one person who thinks you may be the world. That is the kind of game I want to play in. To me, creating that kind of impact is a life worth living. So what kind of game are you playing in? Have a great week.

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