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by jon on July 22, 2012

Well Brooks has been a busy man lately.  Tons of napping and trying out all sorts of new sleeping positions.  Sometimes I would like to be as well rested as my dog.  In between all this napping he did decide to write another post.  It takes him a bit with the paws as you can imagine.


Hey everyone! It’s me Brooks. It has been a little while since I last updated you on the life of your favorite Labrador. Jon and I recently went on an amazing hike and thought I would share my thoughts on our day.

We got up pretty early on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago. I will always get up as early as you want since I am so well rested during the day. Jon got me in the car and had a backpack, so I knew were up to something tremendous. I love car rides. Shotgun!

We rode in the car up to Stone Mountain. And I got to meet up with my girlfriend Lady. Mountains, dogs, rivers, smells, running and  swimming. I almost passed out in excitement.

We started on a path up to the top of the mountain. I saw lots of squirrels and marked as many trees as I could. I kept looking up at Jon to tell him, “this is awesome.” We made it to the top of the mountain! And I found some mud to roll in below. When you see mud puddles, aren’t you supposed to sit in them? That is what I do.

We made our way to some pretty amazing streams for lunch. I couldn’t contain myself with all the water. 

I cleared out all stick hazards from the swimming hole. Can’t have that. Or you could argue that I love sticks.

I got to spend some time sliding down these rocks with everyone. I was crushing it on all fours right into the water. I could be a pro rock skier.

It really was an amazing day out in the nature. I could tell Jon had a blast too. We had needed a little time to catch up in the outdoors. I still don’t understand why we don’t live on a river or in the mountains. It sure would be nicer for me with all the smells and water. Maybe one day. 

We had a nice ride home in the car. And boy was I tired when we got home. Wow. I went directly to bed even when it was still light out.

It was great catching up and updating you with a post from the pup. Ha! I know many of you were dying to get an update from me. Well, it has been about 30 minutes since my last nap, so I feel another one coming. I am going to have to sign off for now. Have a great week.

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