Staying Close to the Soul

by jon on July 15, 2012

A few people have asked me recently what it is like at my new job at The Center for Intentional Leadership. Well the best way I can describe the new job is that it allows me to stay close to the soul. I truly feel that our company is making a difference in everything that we do.

It was a major change going from commercial real estate to leadership development work. The transition hasn’t always been easy, and I am learning the importance of taking things slow. I have tendency to try and figure everything all at first and can overdo it. So I am learning to be with the process and trust what is happening with my training.

I am with an amazing group of people that are so dedicated to making an impact in the lives of both people and organizations. Everyone I work with is incredibly supportive and wants to help me in every way they can. The other day I was feeling a little overwhelmed trying to manage several different new tasks. One of my co-workers noticed this in me and came by to see me after a meeting. She helped me see that I was actually overwhelming myself and had let the tasks control me. I also had not created enough time for activities that energize me. The next day I thanked her for being so supportive and helping me gain this perspective. She responded, “you know what Jon, I just really care.”

On my second day of work our CEO said this to me, “you know Jon, I really want you to learn from my experience but also learn from all the mistakes I have made in my life. Because in the end what I really want for you is to be much better at this work than I am.”

Recently during one of our engagements I wasn’t sure about sharing some insights with our lead consultant. He really encouraged me to share my thoughts with him and our client and then said “Jon, I completely trust you.” I am feeling more empowered every day.

This past Thursday we had a kickoff event to discuss our new upcoming course called Intentional Leadership for the Next Generation. It is a course designed for people in their late 20s and 30s to align their passion, potential, and unique strengths in both their personal and professional lives. We had an amazing discussion with over 40 leaders in Charlotte, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. It was a big deal for me personally because back in February I declared in one of our seminars that I would start a leadership development program for young people. This was before I had any idea I was changing careers, but I was passionate about doing it one day. And within six months it was happening. Thursday was an amazing night!

So my work really allows me to stay close to the soul, and I can really be myself each day I go into the office. As e.e. cummings wrote, “To be nobody but yourself when the world is trying its best night and day to make somebody else is to fight the hardest battle any human being will fight.” I don’t have to fight this battle at my new job. And now I get to devote my life’s work to making sure others don’t have to fight this battle either. Have a great week.

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Jocelyn Courtney July 16, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Jon, this sounds fantastic! Even though I only know you through this blog, I’m so happy for you. I’d love to hear more about your work!
Best wishes to you.


jon July 17, 2012 at 5:55 am

Thanks Jocelyn. So good to hear from you! How are things in CA? Email me and we can talk more about what I am doing!


Courtney Miller August 8, 2012 at 10:33 pm

Jon! What a wonderful blessing this job is! And how beautifully it compliments all the LAL seminars we’ve attended! I’m encouraged by your journey and appreciate the forum you’ve created to share all of your amazing experiences! Keep up the good work (I know, so cliche, but totally apropos!). I’m staying tuned!! Also….I’m enrolled in a GRE prep course! Plan is take GRE in November and then apply….kicking around an MPP :) Hope all is well!!! :)


jon August 19, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Wow!! That is so awesome Courtney. Thanks for all the kind words. It means a lot. I loved that you started a GRE prep course. Keep me updated.


laure osullivan October 5, 2012 at 4:07 am

Jon thanks for another great post. Im going to steal the cummings quote…I feel like that sums up the my journey perfectly. Having the courage to be you true matter the changing landscape! I really aadmire your intentionality. Keep the posts coming!


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