My 24 Hour Internet Holiday

by jon on July 1, 2012

Ever feel like you can’t get away from all your devices and the rush of information on the internet?  I sure feel that way sometimes and have been working on setting some more boundaries.  One practice I am working on is a quarterly 24 hour internet holiday.  So how does it work?


Well I decided that I wanted to give myself time away from the internet for one full day every quarter.  That means no email, no internet, no website surfing, no blogging, etc.  I still allowed myself to use the phone and text but that was it. And it was a little difficult to do at first.

So what did I do on my internet holiday?  Well it started around 9pm last Saturday night. I was able to relax at home and finally get into a great book without interruption. Two of my best friends (Nikki and North) were camping up at Stone Mountain that weekend, so I decided to meet them for a hike on Sunday morning. When I woke up I defaulted to grabbing my iPhone to check email and had to put it down. It made me realize how much email and the constant flood of information can manage me sometimes. I made some Peanut Butter sandwiches (with bananas and honey…my favorite) and got Brooks in the car. He was ecstatic about my internet holiday. He was like wow, we get to go hiking and Dad is not praying all the time (me looking down at my iPhone).

Here is me and Brooks at the top.

I just love seeing Brooks with that big smile. I think we will have to follow up this post with Brooks giving his own account of the day. He had his little girlfriend Lady to run around with all day. Another dog, waterfalls, smells, mountains, trees…it was doggy heaven on Sunday.

He especially loved the hour we spent going down this rock water slide. Pretty funny video below of him following me down.

About an hour into the hike I told my friends that it was so nice to only be worrying about whether I had enough water or food or where we were going next. I wasn’t worried about someone returning an email or the thousand tasks I thought I had to get done. I was just enjoying being present in nature.

Nikki is pretty excited for our first stream crossing!

North enjoying one of the best parts of a hike. Sandwich time!

And we even squeezed in a little yoga time.  haha.

Our day made me re-think whether I believe that “time flies when you are having fun.” On my way home, I couldn’t believe it was only 5pm.  It felt like I had experienced something that lasted for several days, and I felt so refreshed. So I think time actually slows down when you create space to just relax and be in the moment. When my head wasn’t caught up in so many thoughts or tied up in the future, I could actually be “here.” It was an amazing feeling.

The day was also just another example about how important it is for me to be out in nature. The restorative effects of the outdoors sure are amazing, and I will have to get out on a hike again soon.  A friend out in California told me about this book on the subject that sounds very interesting, and it is at the top of my reading list.

I ended up capping the day off with an awesome dinner with a good friend. When I finally checked email the next morning, I didn’t really miss much. A few issues had actually worked themselves out, and I didn’t even have to reply. The experience of an internet holiday coupled with a hike just made me feel more whole and rejuvenated. Have a tremendous week.





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