An update from Brooks

by jon on April 1, 2012

Well back by popular demand is another post from my Labrador, Brooks. A lot of people were a little concerned for him when I downsized from 1700 to 700 sq ft. How would he handle it and is he doing ok? Amazingly enough, he was able to type another post below.  Enjoy.

 Hey guys, its me Brooks again. Finally, I get a chance to write another post. Thanks to everyone for wishing me luck in the new apartment. Losing a big yard sure is never easy and nice to know I have so many fans out there. At least Jon sure thinks I do.

The move has been a lot of fun. It was definitely very new at first being in a smaller space. However, I can always see where Jon is now, and he can’t really hide from me which I love. Sometimes I thought he was trying to sneak out if he went to another part of the house. I was also sure he had a secret trap door in the bathroom, so I knocked (scratched with my paw) whenever he went in there.

So I really think life is getting better all the way around. Sure I miss the big yard, but now Jon takes me for walks at morning and at night. Jon didn’t walk me that much when we were in the house since I always had the yard. We now walk to get groceries and even go in a really fun coffee shop called FABO Cafe. They always give me treats in there which I love. That’s me below with my British friend Winston.

Sometimes people leave crumbs from their muffins on the coffee shop floor which is completely awesome. I am like a little labrador vacuum. My situ (grandma) sometimes calls me Hoover. Hey, don’t leave food on the ground unless you want it gone! Brooks will clean it up!

When Jon leaves in the morning, I still have a really FULL schedule for most of the day. My napping keeps me pretty slammed.

 I hang out most of the day in the sun room. I love all the light and watching all the people go by. I bark at some people but only to tell them I would love to play frisbee if they are free. I hang in Jon’s recliner and listen to classical music on 89.9. I am a Renaissance dog just like Jon is a Renaissance man. Bach for Brooks! That just made Jon laugh.

 We have even taken some really fun trips lately. I got to ride all 10 hours with Jon to Florida to see Situ, Jitu, Uncle Hunter and my brothers Marko and Champ. I think riding in a car is so amazing. And for 10 hours? It was heaven. I even got to swim in the ocean while I was home. As you can see below, I could do that all day!

So life has been really good lately. I am getting more exercise even though we moved to a smaller space. And Jon sure seems happier. I know he loves this blog and connecting with all of you about it. So come on by our new place or join us for a walk. And it never hurts to bring me a treat!

Lots of Licks, 


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Lori Lynn April 1, 2012 at 9:23 pm

My cat sleeps in that exact position that Brooks is on the couch. I have no idea why she finds it so comfortable! LOL


jon April 1, 2012 at 9:41 pm

Haha, sounds like they both like napping with their belly in the air!


Martin Cooney @GeekandJock April 2, 2012 at 1:22 am

At long last Brooks gains an even healthy relationship with Jon – congrats Brooks. You certainly seem to be settling in famously.
And even better, you’ve got a new best friend in Winston – how could life get any better for you?


jon April 2, 2012 at 9:24 am

Thanks Martin. Life is pretty good, but I always tell Jon we should live on a river so I could swim everyday. Ha!


David Barnett May 28, 2012 at 10:02 pm

We’ve never met but I know you pretty well. Tell Jon I think this web site is awesome. I didn’t realize he actually started working in a new office and you guys moved. Those are big changes but change is good cuz you grow.
Youre dads cool shoes make more sense now that I realize hes a runner. Its tough to run in my neighborhoodcuz of all the hills but I know I should.My dog, karma would love to run with me.A month ago I was walking Karma in the neighborhood, I fell and fractured my metatarsal bone so I’m in a boot for six weeks. Maybe after a few months Ill take Karma to the beach for a good run.

Anyway, be a good dog and enjoy your new space and tell Jon the new direction sounds awesome.

David and Karma


jon June 3, 2012 at 7:51 pm

Thanks David and Karma! Hopefully I get to come to San Fran with Jon and meet you one day!


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