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by jon on January 29, 2012

Well, I have been in the process of moving over the past month to a small apartment in Charlotte.  1700 square feet to 700 feet, and I couldn’t be happier.  It has been a pretty crazy process and ties well with my most recent appearance on A Healthier Charlotte with host Bobby DeMuro.  We had a fantastic conversation with the folks at Tykoon, Charlotte Smarty Pants and Southeast Psych. They were all wonderful people, and I really enjoyed connecting with everyone.  Watch out for this Tykoon app.  I think it has the chance to change the world.

I did film this episode back to back with the first one, so I am wearing the same thing. I do like that shirt/suit combo but not enough to wear it every day.  This time we spoke about how money affects our happiness.  Below is the link, as I couldn’t seem to get it to show up embedded. Any tips for how to do this are much appreciated.

I will follow-up this post with more information about how the changes I am making to downsize and simplify my life are bringing me more happiness. Is this my first cliff hanger post?  Ha.  Have a great week.


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