Egg White Happy Hour

by jon on December 22, 2011

I heard something the other day that breakfast is the new “happy hour” because it really impacts our well-being for the rest of the day. This resonates with me because I am always in a better mood after a good breakfast.  It also could be my favorite meal of the day!  I try to stay on the healthy side, and my all time favorite is the incredible egg white omelet.


There is still nothing wrong with eating regular eggs, but you will cut calories and fat by using just the egg white. I also feel just as full eating egg whites only and really enjoy the fact that I feel lighter and have more energy going this route. Sometimes eating healthier also gives me a sense of accomplishment because I did something positive for myself. I also save some calories for cheese since I have an unhealthy love affair with feta.

The Basic Egg White Omelet

-3-4 egg whites scrambled

-cheese of your choice (cheddar, feta, goat, brie, whatever you like)

I crack the egg on the edge of the sink and then move the yolk back and forth and let just the egg white fall into the pan. If you haven’t had just egg whites before then try one regular egg and a few egg whites to ease into the new flavor. Cook your eggs in a pan and use some spray pam or olive oil in a misto to keep it from sticking.  Got the latter idea from KathEats blog!

The key to omelet making is pulling back the edges of the egg that is cooked and then tilting the pan so the uncooked egg falls directly on to the cooking surface of the pan.

I do most of this on medium heat so you don’t brown the bottom too much.  Throw in all your favorite toppings on one half of the egg and then the fold the other side over top.

Cook it on low heat for a couple more minutes to let the cheese melt or flavors set in.  And voila! You have an amazing start to your day in the form of an egg white omelet.

How about some other quick variations to keep your omelet eating fresh:

-Have left over mexican food?  Make an egg white wrap with salsa, cheddar, black beans and sour cream (I substitute greek yogurt).

-Like something spicy? Try it with a buffalo chicken sausage or ground turkey meat and some jalapenos or onions.

-Feeling a little Provencal? Throw in some fresh herbs, diced tomatoes and goat cheese.

One thing I do hear about making eggs or an omelet is that it takes too much time.  If you crack them directly in the pan, you can do all of this in 5-6 minutes.  Not much longer than eating a bowl of cereal!

So could you spend a few more minutes in the morning starting your day off right with your own breakfast “happy hour?” A healthy breakfast in the morning makes me happier and allows me to connect better with others. Which makes me wonder…could something as simple as an egg white omelet really be another element that makes us better leaders? I guess it is all in your perspective :).


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Carole Levy December 23, 2011 at 10:20 am

I never heard before about the white omelette! Interesting… on the pictures, it looks delicious!
Thanks for supporting the world to be healthier and Happy Holidays!


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